Hi, I’m Stephanie.

Planning is my passion. 

Celebration is my life.


     As a mixed woman, I know the best recipes are made from unexpected ingredients.  Whether your big day is a cross-cultural wedding or a party celebrating a new stage in your life, I understand what it means to love and honor your past and embrace your future. 


I know it feels complicated planning your day in a way that makes sense for YOU


    As your event planner, I will be the best friend you never knew you needed.  I’ll help you get your priorities clear so you can avoid distractions and landmines and focusing your attention on what’s important to you.  I’ll keep track of the details so you don’t have to, AND I’ll make sure your “why” is heard loud and clear at every step of the way.  And I’ll make your day, and everything on the way, easier so you can do the work that matters… 


making memories with the ones you love.

The Blended Social Team 

Lauren is a creative powerhouse—detail oriented with a flair for memorable visual design.
Pam keeps things running smoothly, ensuring every “t” is crossed and every “i” dotted in the best way possible.

Our Values


We appreciate the power of diverse experiences, identities, and perspectives.  We’ll make sure your event planning is done right so that everyone gets a good place at the table.


We understand that the number of choices we have is only limited by our imaginations.  Whatever your planning challenges, we work hard to create beautiful, appealing solutions that honor your values and stay in your budget.


We believe the best things come from a place of truth.  Whether you’re celebrating your life or promoting your brand, we’ll make sure your event reflects the “you” you are.